Policies and Guidelines

Acquisition & Collection Policies


Acquisition and Collection Development

Materials acquired by ALIWW are either donations or gifts from the donor or their families.


Collection Development

ALiWW will aggressively collect materials relating to Filipino women’s writings. Materials that will be collected, processed and preserved, will be restricted to the following:

  • Official records
  • Personal papers
  • Manuscripts
  • Scrapbooks
  • Minutes of meetings
  • Diaries
  • Speeches
  • Memoirs
  • Letters/correspondence
  • Daily calendars
  • Address books
  • Dissertations
  • Theses
  • Research papers
  • Other memorabilia
  • Printed materials
    • books
    • monographs
    • catalogs
    • newsletters
    • newspapers
    • magazines
    • bulletins
    • periodicals
    • proceedings
    • annuals
    • pamphlets
    • booklets
    • maps
    • posters

Audio-visial materials

  • filmstrips
  • sound recordings on various media
  • audio recordings on various media
  • visual recordings on various media

Graphic works

  • photographs
  • slides
  • works of art


  • microfilms
  • microfiches
  • micro-opaques

Computer media of all types, including but not limited to

  • magnetic
  • optical
  • digital
  • printouts


Conditions for Acquisition

  1. General Guidelines
    1. ALiWW shall not accept any material which it cannot properly maintain and preserve due to limitations on funds, staffing, expertise, facilities, environmental protection requirements, space, and other constraints. Decisions concerning the acceptance of such items shall be made by the Executive Director, in consultation with the Board of Directors and the librarian of ALiWW.
    2. All materials donated to ALiWW shall become an exclusive and absolute property of ALiWW as a special collections unit of the Rizal Library, Loyola Schools, Ateneo de Manila University. Therefore, temporary deposits or loans are not considered.
    3. Existing and new donors of ALiWW who wish to donate should use the Collection Development Policy of ALiWW as a guide in sorting the materials that will be entrusted to ALiWW. The donor should also provide an initial inventory of the materials to be donated to facilitate the processing of the ALiWW personnel.
    4. New donors will be asked to limit their initial donation of materials fitting to three to five document boxes (each measuring L:15 3⁄4 x H:10 1⁄8 x W: 5 5⁄8 inches).
    5. Succeeding donations from existing donors will be considered once the initial donation has been processed and shelved, and subject to the value of the materials being donated and available space.
    6. Prior to the creation of the Deed of Donation to be executed by the Executive Director and the Donor, an acknowledgment letter, will be issued upon receipt of the donated materials (personal or via email).
    7. The prepared Deed of Donation will be executed by the ALiWW Executive Director, the Vice-President for the Loyola Schools, the donor or her representative/s, and the ALiWW Head Librarian. A copy of the agreement shall be kept in perpetuity.
    8. Upon the receipt of the donated materials, the accession record form should be filled out by the ALiWW personnel for documentation.
    9. Donated materials will be appraised by the ALiWW Librarian, who will identify the materials that will be accepted into ALiWW’s collection. Materials that do not conform with the Collections Development Policy and the ALiWW’s conditions for acquisition will be returned to the donor.


  1. Printed Donations
    1. Photocopies of published work by the donors will be accepted by ALiWW. Most especially materials that are not available in the Rizal Library’s collections or are no longer available elsewhere.
    2. Personal collections of books and other published materials will not be accepted by ALiWW unless:
      1. The books and other published materials are written by or about the donor or her works.
      2. The books and other published materials contain notations/notes made by the donor.
      3. The books and other published materials contain written autographs or dedications by/for the donor.


  1. Audio-visual Donations
    1. ALiWW will generally accept materials even if ALiWW does not have the necessary equipment to access the information in a particular format or medium, as long as future access is anticipated and reasonably assured.


  1. Realia & Artifacts Donations
    1. Donations of realia and artifacts (e.g. pieces of jewelry, leather goods, utensils, etc.) that are not considered significant to the preservation of the writer’s heritage will not be accepted unless otherwise considered by the Executive Director, in consultation with, ALiWW’s Board of Directors and the librarian.


  1. Digital Donations
    1. Donations sent via email, shared through cloud storage (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.), or saved in any storage devices (USB, External hard drive, and the likes) will be accepted, provided they abide by the ALiWW’s condition for acquisition and the Collection Development Policy.

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