Graduate education is a stage where leaders are prepared to take on the role as innovators and change agents in their own organizations and communities. As such, graduate students, through their enhanced intellectual and research capacities, are expected to contribute not only to knowledge production but more importantly to the advancement of policy and practice.

The Loyola Schools, through its Graduate Programs, seeks to further the purposes and aims of the University by providing its students a high degree of competence in research and professional practice.

It responds to the university’s commitment to the education of the whole person by providing a broad range of degree programs that are grounded on theory, informed by practice, global in perspective, and rooted in and culturally sensitive to local needs and realities.

Currently, the Loyola Schools offer a wide range of master’s and doctorate degrees that are rigorous and respected around the country and the region. Our graduate students are given the opportunity to be mentored and trained by distinguished faculty members who are local and international scientists, renowned researchers, artists, and scholars in various fields.

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What to Study

In line with the University’s over-arching vision and mission, the Loyola Schools offers the following graduate academic programs.

Applying to LS Graduate Programs

Admission to the Ateneo Loyola Schools is open to qualified young men and women, regardless of nationality, creed, gender, residence, or financial capability. Admission is determined by the applicant's fitness and preparation for the graduate programs, ability to contribute toward the enrichment of the University community, and potential to be of service to others within the context of national development.

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For admission to professional degree programs in law, business administration, medicine, and government, visit the Professional Schools website.