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Applying for a Graduate Degree Program

Gokongwei Brothers School of Education and Leadership Design (GBSEALD)

School of Humanities (SOH)

John Gokongwei School of Management (JGSOM)

School of Science & Engineering (SOSE)

School of Social Sciences (SOSS)

Types of Applicant

A. Degree

1. Regular - First-time applicants for graduate studies at the Loyola Schools. Students who graduated from a standalone bachelor’s degree in the Loyola Schools will be considered regular graduate degree applicants.

2. Subsequent -  Students of Ateneo de Manila University - Loyola Schools who graduated from a previous graduate degree may apply for a subsequent Master’s/Doctoral degree. The subsequent graduate degree may be of the same level (previous and subsequent degrees are both master’s or doctoral level) or of different level (previous degree is a doctoral level and the subsequent degree is a master’s level). The subsequent graduate degree may not necessarily be in the same discipline or field of the student’s previous graduate degree.

a. The student must complete:

  • at least 9 additional units not previously taken for the subsequent master's degree, or
  • at least 15 additional units for the subsequent Doctoral degree

b. The additional units should not include thesis/dissertation.

c. Based on the receiving department's evaluation, the student may be asked to take more than minimum units specified above.


3. Straight Program AB/BS to MA/MS - Students of Ateneo de Manila University - Loyola Schools who graduated from a straight undergraduate degree program (e.g. AB-MA, BS-MS)


B. Non-Degree - Applicants who would like to take graduate courses for credit but will not work toward any graduate degree program.

C. Cross-Registrant - Graduate students from other schools who would like to take courses on a credit or audit basis. Cross-registrants must secure a Cross-Registration Permit from the Registrar of their home school granting them permission to cross-enroll at the Loyola Schools.

D. Auditor - Applicants who would like to take graduate courses on a non-credit basis.

Online Application

Sign-in to the Graduate Online Admission to the Loyola Schools (GOALS).

The Graduate Online Admission to the Loyola Schools (GOALS) is open to those who will be applying for a graduate degree program.


Submission of Application

Fill out the form and upload all requirements on or before deadlines set for each term/semester. >> Go to Deadlines for more information

Processing of Application

Allow at least 5 to 14 working days for the OAVPGE to check and verify the information and documents provided. An email notification will be sent to the applicant afterward.

Entrance Examination

Pay the Application and Ateneo Graduate Admission Test fees as indicated in the email to be sent by the OAVPGE.

Take the Ateneo Remote Online Graduate Admission Test on the schedule provided by the OAVPGE. The online exam will be administered by the Fr Jaime Bulatao, SJ Center for Psychology Services (Bulatao Center). Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) results may be submitted in lieu of the Ateneo Graduate Admission Test.


The Department Chair that offers the graduate degree program may conduct an interview (which may be done via phone call or video call) after the applicant has completed the application requirements and has taken the Ateneo Graduate Admission Test/GRE.


Responsibility of the Applicants

It is the responsibility of the applicant to make certain that all admission materials submitted are complete and accurate. Misrepresentation of information requested in this application will be a sufficient reason for refusal of admission or denial of enrollment in a subsequent semester.

Credentials filed in support of the application become the property of Ateneo de Manila University and will not be returned to the applicant.

All application deadlines are final. All applicants are responsible for submitting the admission requirements within the designated application deadline.   


Release of Application Results

Results for all applicants (including Non-degree, Cross-registrant, Auditor and Straight Students) are generally released during the first week of the following months:

May for Intersession Term
July for First Semester
December for Second Semester

All documents pertaining to the evaluation of an applicant being considered for admission shall not be disclosed. This includes test results, departmental evaluation, and other related documents.

All application decision is considered final.


Admitted Students

The OAVPGE sends acceptance letters to successful applicants. The letter contains pertinent information about admission status, as well as the academic conditions that has to be fulfilled within residency, if any, and registration details.  



If you intend to enroll in the semester you have been accepted to, you are asked to confirm your acceptance by sending an email to with subject title: Confirmation - Last Name, Semester & School Year.



Student shall be asked to provide additional requirements prior to/ during enrollment to be submitted to the various offices for evaluation.



An accepted applicant may defer their admission only up to two consecutive semesters. All deferred admissions shall be subjected to a reevaluation process by the accepting departments and Schools. If you wish to defer your admission, please accomplish the Deferment Form and submit within one month from receipt of your acceptance letter.

Once students have been accepted, they are subjected to the rules and regulations of the Loyola Schools, Ateneo de Manila University.

For admission to professional degree programs in law, business administration, medicine, and government, visit the Professional Schools website.

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