Online Consultation

Consult via Google Chat

For inquiries and medical consult via chat

  1. Log-in to your account.
  2. Send a Google Chat to

LS HS is available to help you from Monday-Friday 8:00am to 7:00pm and Saturday 8:00am to 4:00pm.

Consult via BluPHR

  1. Go to the BluPHR website at
  2. Sign-in using your Ateneo OBF Account.
  3. Go to the dashboard, click the book appointment icon and choose your preferred schedule.

Take Note: Creating your account at the portal for your medical record also provides you the link for you to access and arrange medical appointments with our office.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding this matter, you may email us at


Guidelines for Online Consultation

  • Schedules of physicians are posted on the appointment link for your ease and convenience.
  • Emergency cases or life-threatening cases cannot be accommodated through our Online Consultation service. Telemedicine should not be used for any condition where an-in person exam is required because of severe symptoms or aggressive intervention.
  • If you have any emergencies, please contact your private physicians.
  • Patient will be required to turn on their video camera at the beginning of consultation.
  • If the student fails to attend within the first 15 minutes from consultation time, we will ask to reschedule the appointment to avoid delay in the next patient.
  • E-prescriptions may be sent to your Ateneo/OBF email address when necessary.
  • Rest assured that all information on the Online Consultation will remain confidential.
  • If you wish to cancel or change an appointment. Patient must email us at or message us thru our FB page: Kindly give your scheduled and preferred appointment dates for easy tracking.
  • Please be advised that there are no consultation fees under the LS Office of Health Services. OHS Online Consultation may be used exclusively by the members/community of the Loyola Schools.
  • For booking an appointment, patient will able to set an appointment the next day after filling out the patient’s information. Patient cannot choose the same day appointment. Ensuring that the patient clearly understands the online consultation, must have a comfortable and quiet room/place to avoid any disturbance.

Online Waiver/Consent Form

  • I hereby consent to consult the LS OHS health services for medical assistance such as assessing / diagnosing /managing my medical condition, or addressing health education needs using a telecommunications program. I understand that the consultation may require communication of personal medical information.
  • I confirm that medical professionals can reach me with video calls or audio calls as part of the online sessions.
  • I acknowledge that in this type of platform technical difficulties may happen which might cause a slight delay or might need rescheduling.
  • I accept that it is my responsibility to provide all necessary information, such as signs and symptoms, medical history, and current condition, to the health professional, and I undertake to ensure that the information I will provide during the online session is accurate and true.
  • I confirm that online health services require the collection of personal medical data by the health professional remotely. I understand that data transmitted and received through the online session is considered confidential for both parties, subject to Data Privacy laws.
  • I understand that this online session does not and should not replace a traditional doctor’s office visit; and therefore, I am proceeding with this consultation at my own risk and understanding.
  • If the physician who will attend to me deems it necessary to have a face-to-face consultation, then I may be advised to consult my Family Doctor.
  • Finally, I understand that there are potential risks and benefits associated with any form of medical treatment, and despite the physician’s due diligence, my condition may not improve, or may even worsen. Therefore, I understand that I may benefit from telemedicine, but that results cannot be guaranteed or assured.
  • I have read and understand the information provided above.

By booking an appointment online, you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions indicated in the guidelines, consent/waiver above.


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