Bachelor of Science in Communications Technology Management

Message from the Program Director:

Hi! Welcome to the webpage of the BS Communications Technology Management Program. I would like to invite you to read up on the program and get to see the things that you will learn and discover when you decide to pursue it for your undergraduate degree. Ever since its conception in 1995, the BS Comtech program has been attracting a lot of talented and exciting students who are now movers of the communications, marketing and information technology industry here and around the world. I do hope you will find the information you are seeking in this site. If you have further questions or clarifications, feel free to contact us.

Hope to see you in the Ateneo de Manila University!

All the best,

Alvin Patrick M. Valentin
Program Director

Contact Information:

Alvin Patrick M. Valentin
Program Director

Rhembrandt Van Ryn E. Magsino
Program Secretary
426-6001 loc 5546

The Bachelor of Science in Communications Technology Management Program is a 4 year degree (including 3 summer semesters) program of the John Gokongwei School of Management. The program started in the mid 1990's and has graduated roughly 1,400 students, a majority of whom are now in the marketing, communications, media, advertising and information technology industries. The program is the brainchild of 3 faculty members, namely: Mr. Rodolfo Ang (Management), Mr. Arnie del Rosario (Computer Science), and the late Ms. Doreen Fernandez (Communications). They created a program that aims to develop Managers for the communications industry (namely: Marketing, Advertising, Media) as well as the Information Technology Industry. It focuses on the management expertise of the BS Management Program while injecting subjects in communications and information technology to develop a more holistic manager for the industry. In the end, the students who graduate with a BS Comtech degree is a manager that understands both the management and the creative processes of the industry.

What makes the BS Comtech program different from the other Management programs of the John Gokongwei School of Management?

The program is specially designed for students who have a knack for creativity in their lives.  Whether you are interested in music, painting, or even acting, the management foundation that you will get in the program will eventually help you in managing your own music band, art gallery or celebrity career.  If you are interested in graphic designing or are very amused at the creative advertisements seen on TV, the program will help sharpen your creative minds as well as help you understand how these things affect the overall health of a business.

Grade Requirements

  • at least 2.25 cumulative QPI
  • no F in quantitative subjects
  • if Ma 18 = F, other subjects can be reviewed

Other Requirements

  • Shifting Application Form (get from Program Secretary)
  • Printed copy of grades from AISIS Online
  • Interview with the Program Director

End of Sophomore Year:

Minimum QPI of 2.17 for Acc 15, LS 10, Law 11, Com 11, Com 12

End of Junior Year, 1st Semester:

Minimum QPI of 2.32 for Acc 15, LS 10, Law 11, Com 11, Com 12, QMT 12, CS 31, MKT 101