JSEC Challenge Requirements

In order to join JSEC Challenge, it is recommended that at least one member of the team attends the Applicants General Assembly held in between the first three weeks of the school year. Only bonafide students of Ateneo de Manila University are eligible to join the JSEC Challenge. Any undergraduate from any course is allowed to join the challenge. There are no minimum and maximum number of students in a team. However, the team should be able to fulfill the requirements and the responsibilities before and during the challenge itself.

Former JSEC Stall owners are not allowed to join the JSEC Challenge anymore. This is to give other aspiring entrepreneurs a higher chance and the privilege of owning a stall in JSEC. However, previous participants of the JSEC Challenge but did not win are still allowed to join.

The student proponents business enterprise will be theirs alone. The student proponents are not allowed to be used as a dummy of any individual, organization or enterprise nor are they allowed to sublease the space to any other entity. They are allowed to engage the services of any number of persons necessary to help them in the operation of their enterprise, provided these persons comply with the rules and procedures of JSEC Challenge

The Applicants General Assembly is the first step for a student to enter the JSEC Challenge. This is usually held in between the first three weeks of the school year. The assembly is managed by the Recruitment Team of JSEC Challenge. The general agenda of the assembly is to give a brief overview of what JSEC Challenge is as well as the specifics, what to expect and general do’s and dont’s. More so, the business proposal, the main requirement and submission, is elaborately discussed. Important dates to remember such as the deadline for the requirements are also given during the assembly. The organization may also opt to invite speakers to give potential insights for the participants on what to include in their business proposals. Afterwards, the applicants are requested to join the JSEC Challenge Facebook Group for more updates concerning their applications and JSEC Challenge. An applicant’s kit will also be posted in the group containing all the necessary information and templates for their submissions.


  1. Participation Form

    The Participation Form includes all the details and contact information of the team’s members. It also lists down the other stall submissions of the each individual. The template for this form will be given and posted in the facebook group.

  2. Business Proposal
    The Business Proposal should be a maximum of three pages which includes the brand concept, menu, prices and members of the team. The breakdown of each page is as follow:
    The first page should include the value proposition, unique selling proposition, stall concept, logo and brand name.

    The second page should include the menu with pictures as well as the corresponding prices for each dish. There are no limit to the number of dishes offered. However, it should be remembered that all their plans should be feasible. It is not required for stalls to have side dishes especially if their meals do not require any. As much as possible drinks are not included unless the submission is for a drink stall.
    The last page should include a table containing the name of individuals in the team, their corresponding roles and duties (ie Operations, Marketing), whether or not the person is going JTA (Junior Term Abroad), the number of proposals submitted as a group and the number of proposals submitted individually.

  3. Product Listing Form (Form 4)
    The Form 4, also known as the Product Listing Form, is a requirement to be processed and submitted to the OFSQA and JSEC Coordinator. It should contain the dish in the team’s menu and the corresponding ingredients, suppliers, storage, method of preparation, packaging material, and shelf life and storage condition of the final product. The template for this form will be given and posted in the facebook group.

Additional Reminders
The organizing team along with Mr. Alyson Yap, the JSEC Coordinator, and other invited judges will screen the submissions. The release of accepted applicants comes on a per phase basis and at least six to seven weeks prior the execution of the phase. This means that participants for the second phase and third phase are announced after the previous phase. Results are announced via the JSEC Challenge Facebook Page.

Any additional requirements will be made known during the Participant's General Assembly.