LS 126: Strategy Formulation (Social Entrepreneurship Track) now available in the 1st Semester

L&S 126 Strategy Formulation
 (Social Entrepreneurship track)
First Semester SY 2013-2014
Section: I
Schedule: 4:30-7:30 pm, Tuesday
Lecturer: Jose Gerardo A. Cruz
The Leadership and Strategy Department will be offering a section of LS 126 (Strategy Formulation) focused on social entrepreneurship this coming first semester of SY 2013-2014.  LS 126, together with LS 127 Strategy Implementation in the second semester, serve as the capstone, integrative courses for graduating seniors in management-oriented programs. The centerpiece is the group business project, which is a
hands-on experience for students in business planning and implementation.  In the first semester, students will craft a business plan to develop and start up a business.

For this LS 126 section, the business project will be a social business enterprise. The course will equip students with the necessary skills and competencies that will aid them in establishing effective, scalable, and viable social business enterprises. As social entrepreneurs, they will develop innovative means of solving these social problems while at the same time generate profit that will scale up and sustain the enterprises. In the end, the students are expected to uplift the lives of the poor and powerless in society by using the entrepreneurial skills that they have learned in class.

If you are interested to join this class, please email your resume to Ms. Ghing Lopez (, secretary of the Leadership and Strategy Department. Interviews will be conducted to screen interested students starting May 2013.