LS 152 (1st Sem) & LS 153 (2nd Sem) classes now available

L&S 152 Strategic Management 1 (1st Sem, 2013-14)
L&S 153 Strategic Management 2 (2nd Sem, 2013-14)
Schedule: 9:00-10:30 am, TTH
Lecturer: Pamela Ann P. Da Silva

  • If you like challenges and are passionate about making a difference, this is the course for you…Delivered in partnership with McKinsey & Company and Gawad Kalinga (GK), Strategy Formulation GK (LS 126 GK) serves as a capstone, integrative course for graduating seniors in management-oriented concentrations but with a twist.  Unlike the regular run, this is a “big picture course applied in a social entrepreneurship dimension,”  where students will use all the knowledge acquired from previous courses, coupled with Strategic Management techniques to gain practical experience in charting the future directions of a new venture/s for a Gawad Kalinga community
  • As of 2008, through the help of generous individuals and corporations, GK has already created 2,000 GK villages across the Philippines, giving homes to more than 200,000 families. GK has set an aspiration for itself of setting up 50,000 GK villages and providing more than 5 million families with homes by 2025.
  • Now going beyond just providing quality housing at scale, GK is also seeking to develop sustainable sources of livelihood for its residents.  GK recognizes this as important to sustaining its own villages, and improving the lives of next generation residents.  GK is looking to bright and passionate young entrepreneurs to help them achieve the next level of their vision.
  • Major topics covered are: A review of the Strategic Management Process Stages 1 and 2 (covering the Business Landscape and Strategic Analysis and Choice; Implementing Strategies: Management and Functional Issues); Review, Evaluation and Control, including the Balanced Scorecard as a Strategic Measurement tool. The specific output is a detailed business plan for the GK community venture which will bring the product/service to test marketing stage in the second semester.
  • A special feature is that students of this class will have the opportunity to attend lectures/class discussions conducted and/or facilitated by McKinsey consultants and interact with Gawad Kalinga villages. Case studies and readings complement conceptual content.
  • If you are interested to join this class, please email your resume to Ms. Pamela Ann P. Da Silva ( and cc. Ms. Ghing Lopez (, secretary of the Leadership and Strategy Department. Interviews will be conducted to screen interested students starting May 2013.