Master of Arts in Literary and Cultural Studies

The MA major in Literary and Cultural Studies degree is designed to provide high-level instruction to masteral level students who are 1) knowledgeable in theory and skilled in its application; 2) capable of critically analyzing Third World literary and cultural issues; and 3) attuned to the issues in Philippine literary and cultural studies scholarship.
Basic Courses
  • Lit 201: Methods of Literary and Cultural Research
  • Lit 202: Literary Theory and Cultural Studies
  • Lit 261: Survey of Philippine Literatures
Fields of Specialization
  • Lit 222: Cultural Studies II: Texts and Textuality
  • Lit 223: Cultural Studies III: Texts and Contexts
  • Lit 231: The Development of Poetry
  • Lit 241: The Development of Drama
  • Lit 251: The Development of Fiction
A student may finish after successfully completing the following requirements:
  • 24 units of required courses
  • 6 units of elective courses
  • Comprehensive examinations
  • Thesis writing and oral defense

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