Ateneo's Dr. Alvin Yapan wins big for his new film

July 01, 2015

An Kubo sa KawayananDr. Alvin Yapan of the Kagawaran ng Filipino, School of Humanities won a harvest of honors for his new film, “An Kubo sa Kawayanan” (The House By the Bamboo Grove) at the World Premieres Film Festival.

The film garnered four awards: Best Picture, Best Editing for Benjamin Tolentino, Best Cinematography for Ronald Rebutica and the Best Actress award for Mercedes Cabral for her portrayal of a woman who lives in her own special world in her house by the bamboo grove.
“An Kubo sa Kawayanan” is about Michelle (Cabral), who lives in her own special world, and whom everyone tries to convince to abandon house by the bamboo grove; her boyfriend (Felix), who tries to find work in the city or abroad; a nosy neighbor (dela Rosa) who to make ends meet by working as a teacher; and a filmmaker (Bagatsing) who tries to do a documentary on Michelle’s skill as a callado embroiderer, which she clings to as strongly as her desire to stay in her house.
The film tells the intimate story of how Michelle’s house, along with the things around her -- a river stone, a June beetle, and a can of sardines, would help her preserve the ecology of joy and peace she nurtures by the bamboo grove.
Dr. Alvin YapanIn Michelle’s world everything is interconnected, and even the smallest of things has a story to tell.  Michelle's story is an unconventional love story with her house by the bamboo grove.
The film is a meditation on the virtue of staying at a time of migration, of permanence in a land of cultural erosion.