Filemon Mamon bags two filmfest trophies

July 03, 2015
The family-oriented comedy, “Filemon Mamon,” was awarded two trophies in the Second

 World Premieres Film Festival
Best Supporting Actress for Giselle Sanchez
Best Musical Score for Sherwin Castillo
Filemon Mamon is a children's story book written by Christine Bellen.  It was turned into a musical by Jethro Tenorio and shown on stage as "Sugod! Filemon Mamon!" by ENTABLADO in 2013.  Both Christine and Jethro, faculty members of the Department of Filipino, adapted the same story into film and jointly wrote the script for it. 
In 2014, the film adaptation of the Entablado stage play was considered the Best Advocacy Film by the 62nd Filipino Academy of Movie, Arts and Sciences (Famas) Awards.  Here is the link to the Guidon article on this:
In the Second World Premieres Film Festival, the film, directed by Will Fredo, was one of the entries in the Filipino New Cinema category.  Here is a link to the film clip for your viewing pleasure:
Congratulations Christine and Jethro!  What a great tandem in creativity!  Mabuhay!

*images taken from Filemon Mamon FB page