Awards and Grants

While awards do not drive the Department of Fine Arts, they do illustrate external recognition that point towards excellence.
The Loyola Schools Awards for the Arts is held annually for senior students of the Loyola Schools who have exhibited exceptional work in the arts. Many of these awardees have become successful artists in various industries including creative writing, design, music, and theater. BFA seniors consistently figure prominently in the list of winners every year.
The Ateneo gives the Ateneo Socio-Civic Engagement for National Development Award every year to student projects that effectively address a significant social concern. ID majors consistently land on the short list of nominees and have won the award in 2014 and 2015.
The Ateneo gives the Mulry Award for Literary Excellence to a graduating honors student who has also significantly excelled in creative writing. The last three recipients (2013, 2014, 2015) have been CW majors, and several others have received the award since the first graduating batch of CW majors in 2002.
Virgin Labfest
Established in 2005, the Virgin Labfest is an annual festival held at the Cultural Center of the Philippines that features new, original, and unpublished plays by aspiring Filipino playwrights for the public. More than 200 plays have been performed in the festival’s history, and the yearly lineup consistently features CW and TA majors.
The Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature is considered the most prestigious literary competition in the country. While several programs and universities can boast of having winners among its graduates, the Department of Fine Arts, through its CW program, boasts of having multiple majors having won the award as students.