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07/12/13 Summer 2013 Study Tour to Germany
09/01/16 Study Tour: Nowhere But France
09/01/16 Study Tour to Germany 2016
12/11/14 State of New York Press Publishes Filipino book on Democracy
03/22/12 Spanish Stereotypes: Fiesta Española
10/01/15 Spain Study Tour 2015: On Food, Conversation, and Comfort
11/01/21 Spaces for the Social and the Political in Beauty Pageants
06/17/11 South Meets North in Ateneo’s Performing Arts Project
03/09/12 South African Ambassador graces Kritika Kultura 10th year kick-off
11/21/13 Sol Reyes Produces New Set of Literary Translations
02/01/16 Sol Reyes Awarded the A.L. Becker SE Asian Literature in Translation Prize for 2016
12/01/21 SOHuman about research
03/16/14 SOH: Proceed with Passion
03/16/14 SOH: Proceed with Passion
02/24/15 SOH Welcomes 448 New Students for SY 2015-2016
09/13/14 SOH shines at 64th Palanca Awards
02/12/11 SOH Professors Awarded Outstanding Teachers
02/12/11 SOH Professors Awarded Outstanding Teachers
02/18/14 SOH Open House for Batch 2018
06/11/13 SOH Night 2013: Welcome to the Carnival
02/07/14 SOH Congratulates New Humanities Majors
05/22/13 SOH 101: An Exciting New Elective Course
10/01/18 SISOH: Raising Issues, Identifying Topics
06/28/19 SISOH Summary: Diverse Political Views
02/22/19 SISOH Discussion on Current Political Issues
01/22/12 SipatSalin Launched in Ateneo
10/09/19 Si Greta, Si Katkat, at Ang Bayan
03/15/21 Shall We Return to School?
11/13/18 Shakespeare in Bilibid: Passport to Freedom