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November 08, 2018

Doing Philosophy: An Introduction to the Philosophy of the Human Person
Written based on the core subject syllabus crafted by the Department of Education for the Introduction to the Philosophy of the Human Person for the Senior High School, the book begins with a general introduction to what philosophy is (chapter 1) and then focuses on the actual practice of doing philosophy (chapter 2). It then proceeds to more thematic reflections on the various aspects of the human person: The realities of embodied existence (chapter 3), the implications of existing in the world on the environment (chapter 4), and the responsibilities of human freedom (chapter 5).
Then, having covered the basic aspects of the human person, this book moves beyond embodiment and worldliness on to dimensions of being human that implicitly broaden the understanding of human freedom: The relationship with fellow human subjects (chapter 6), the relationship with and within society (chapter 7), and the relationship with “the end” and with whatever may be beyond it (chapter 8).
The chapters of the book were written to be related to and connected with each other, but each one can also stand on its own, so they may be treated as modules that can be rearranged or treated independently.
Each chapter begins with opening points and questions that are broad and general enough to be adapted. These are followed by an in-depth re­flection and discussion of the concepts related to the chapter topic, with examples and cases that can serve as guides for other examples and cases. Each chapter also ends with a summary and suggested activities that can be the basis for quizzes, homework, or group activities.           
Published in 2018.

Agustin Martin G. Rodriguez, Jacqueline Marie J. Tolentino, and Roy Agustin B. Tolentino are faculty members of the Department of Philosophy.

Author: Agustin Martin G. Rodriquez, Jacqueline Marie J. Tolentino and Roy Allan B. Tolentino
Category: Philosophy and Society
Weight: 0.172 kg
ISBN: 9789715508612
Imprint: BlueBooks
Format: Print
Language: English

Borador: Isang Pagkilala sa Layunin ng Komunikasyon sa Kolehiyo
Ang pag-aaral sa wika ay nagiging isa nang kultural na pag-aaral. Nagiging isang asignatura ang malayuning komunikasyon na pag-aaral sa kultura mula sa lente ng wika. Hahantong sa pag-unawa ng wika ang pagpasok sa kultura; gayundin, hahantong sa pag-unawa sa kultura ang pag-aaral sa wika. Nahahati sa tatlong bahagi ang aklat na ito.
I. Pagpapakilala sa iba-ibang rehistrong pangwika. Dito palalilim ang ideya ng
pagkaroon ng pamayanan ng tagapagsalita. Nandito ang aspektong interkultural
ng malayuning komunikasyon, gayong maipakikilala ang iba’t ibang wikang
bumubuo ng iba’t ibang pamayanan ng tagapagsalita.
II. Pagpapakilala sa mag-aaral sa pinapasok niyang pamayanan ng mga
tagapagsalita sa pamantasan sa pamamagitan ng pagtuntong sa
usapin ng sining panretorika. Dito naman palalalimin ang aspektong
kultural ng malayuning komunikasyon nang espesipiko sa pamayanan ng
mga tagapagsalita ng pamantasan.
III. Pagtatalakay sa multimodalidad ng wika bilang pagkilala na lumalampas
sa paggamit sa salita ang pakikipagtalastasan.
Propesor sa Kagawaran ng Filipino si Alvin B. Yapan.
Inilathala 2018.
Author: Alvin B. Yapan
Category: Education
Weight: 0.25 kg
ISBN: 9789715508889
Imprint: BlueBooks
Language: Filipino

Narkotiko at Panganorin
Ang koleksyong Narkotiko at Panganorin ni Allan Popa ay naghahapag ng bagong mga hamon para sa mga makata, mambabasa, at kritiko. May sapat nang tibay at pundasyon ang kanyang mga akda upang maging tungtungan ng mayaman at masigabong kritikal na literatura. -Ramon Guillermo

Propesor sa Kagawaran ng Filipino si Allan Popa.
Author: Allan Popa
Category: Literature
Weight: 0.148 kg
ISBN: 9789715508728
Imprint: Bughaw
Purposive Communication in English
This textbook on Purposive Communication is designed to address the learning needs of local and international students in the Philippines in today's digital age. It  upholds the tenets of  Education in a Multilingual World advocated by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization  (UNESCO) and it follows the principles of Outcomes-Based Education (OBE) espoused by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED). As such, the themes promote cultural and linguistic diversity while the lessons include challenging tasks that enhance students' critical thinking, listening, speaking, reading, writing, and viewing skills.
This  textbook also  recognizes that English has  spread across the  globe and  that it  has  become a  lingua franca which many speakers in the  country and  around the  world use for  specific aims in varying contexts. Effective communication in English entails the strategic use of multimodal resources including visual and electronic devices. It also requires the ability to choose the appropriate language register for an intended audience. Therefore, this textbook offers the following chapters that contextualize the learning of tertiary level students in a multilingual setting which require keen language awareness and intercultural competence. By engaging with the texts and  activities in these chapters, learners may  be  more equipped to  achieve their academic and  professional goals.
Communicating Effectively in  a Multicultural World
Understanding Communication in  the Digital Age
Exploring Tools  for  Local and Global Communication
Communicating Strategically for Various Purposes
Developing Materials for  the Workplace
Designing Tools for  Academic  Papers
Published in 2018.

Cecilia Suarez, Marianne Rachel G. Perfecto, Maria Luz Elena N. Canilao, and Devi Benedicte I. Paez are faculty members of the Department of English.

Author: Cecilia Suarez, Marianne Rachel G. Perfecto, Maria Luz Elena N. Canilao, Devi Benedicte I. Paez
Category: Education
Weight: 0.5 kg
ISBN: 9789715508476
Imprint: BlueBooks
Format: Print
Language: English