Self and Peer Evaluation for Scholarly Work Batch 2016

Kindly click on your respective group below to access the online self and peer evaluation for your
HSc 198.2 - Writing, Presentation, Evaluation, and Publication

Group 1 - M. De Leon et al
Group 2 - Alvarez et al
Group 3 - Bautista et al
Group 4 - Andaya et al
Group 5 - Abaya et al
Group 6 - Agoncillo et al
Group 7 - Beloy et al
Group 8 - Ansay et al
Group 9 - Amigo et al
Group 10 - R. De Leon et al

To ensure that you can complete the self and peer evaluation (read as no thesis groupmate left behind) for your scholarly work efforts this first semester, accomplish the online forms systematically. How?
For the field on Person for Evaluation, tick the name to be evaluated according to the sequence it was arranged.
INCLUDE yourself for evaluation. That is why it is called SELF and peer evaluation (This is often left out and a cause of much distress). Why? Because incomplete group evaluation will get penalty points (i.e. zero for final grade of the whole group on the self and peer evaluation)!

For the field of Name of Evaluator, simply click on your name.

If you encounter any problems in filling up the online forms or if you have inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact

Deadline of submitting the online self and peer evaluation will be at 9:00 PM on Monday, 25 April 2016.  

Good luck with your academic requirements for your last semester here in Ateneo!