SY 2007-2008

Undergraduate Theses Projects

XNA Graphical User Interface Framework
Rene Carlo M. Cabral
Rychus G. Cortina
Computer Gaming Through a Motion-Sensing Game Peripheral
Tyrone S. Tan
Jose Miguel S. Villapando
Networking and Filesystem Libraries for the Nintendo Dual-Screen Handheld System
Ory Victorio Drillon
Rex Joseph Reyes
AJWCC Framework Optimization to be used in the J2ME Environment in Conjunction with Nokia Series 40 Cellphones
Ryan Bermase
Jose Emilio Teves
Multiplayer Online Game Prototype Utilizing Peer to Peer Network Protocol
Martin Elvin Chan, Jeoffrey Barrios Jr.,
Mikhail Alpha Gallego and Liza Ellen Vila
Image Stitching through Image Recognition Implemented in Java
Richard B. Locsin
Billy John Tejada
Class. Net
Patrick V. Velasquez, Miguel Anton S. Martinez, 
Byron Allen A. Wang, Robin James C. Yu
2D Game Framework for the Nintendo Dual Screen-Handheld System
Gene Carlo T. Gacho
Allen Benson G. Tan
Lowcost Location Triangulation Using Customized Linksys WRTJ46 Routers
Alden Baleva
Low Cost Geotagging technique for Mobile Systems
Sheena Melody De la Cruz
Marie Laurent Mendoza