Liquid Nitrogen Retail Purchases

Liquid Nitrogen:  PhP 250.00 per Liter

1.      Bring your own insulated container and other needed accessories. The NCIC does not sell or rent dewars or insulated containers and other related cryogenic accessories.

2.      Upon dispensing the specified amount, the NCIC is not liable for loss of liquid nitrogen due to evaporation afterwards or other similar circumstances.

3.      First come, first serve basis. Only same day confirmed reservations are guaranteed. NMR and Chem Department cryogenic needs take precedence over other use.

4.      The NCIC is NOT liable for safety issues and mishandling of the liquid nitrogen by the client upon release.

5.      The NCIC reserves the right NOT to sell liquid nitrogen:

5.1.   during any time when reserves are in short supply or there is high demand
5.2.   in the absence of appropriate containers or proper training in handling cryogenic liquids by the client
5.3.   during national/local/school holidays
5.4.   during inclement weather or in the event of natural disasters and emergencies

6.      The client shoulders the transportation involved upon purchase. The NCIC does not offer deliveries to client locations.

7.      Purchases/Payments can only be made during non-holiday (national/local/school) weekdays M-F or by prior arrangement at the Ateneo Cashier, Xavier Hall, Window 8, 9:00-11:30 am and 1:30-3:30 pm.