Undergraduate Materials Science and Engineering Courses

The Department of Physics offers the following undergraduate materials science and engineering courses:

     •  MSE 101: Principles of Engineering Materials I
     •  MSE 102: Principles of Engineering Materials II
     •  MSE 106.1: Materials and Testing Laboratory I
     •  MSE 106.2: Materials and Testing Laboratory II
     •  MSE 111: Metallic Materials
     •  MSE 121.1: Polymeric Materials, Lecture
     •  MSE 122.1: Polymeric Materials, Laboratory
     •  MSE 131: Ceramic Materials
     •  MSE 141: Electronic Materials
     •  MSE 151: Engineering Composites
     •  MSE 160: Engineering Management and Economics
     •  MSE 161: Engineering Laws, Contracts and Ethics
     •  MSE 188.1: Modern Topics in Materials Science and Engineering: Optical and Optoelectronic Materials
     •  MSE 188.2: Modern Topics in Materials Science and Engnieering: Introduction to Nanotechnology
     •  MSE 199.1: Materials Design
     •  MSE 199.2: Research Project
     •  MSE Electives: May be chosen from four concentration areas offered by the University through the Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Computer Science Departments. Topics include Polymers, Semiconductors, Materials Characterization, Mathematical Modelling, and Computer Simulations. In particular, the MSE 18X courses offer Special Topics in Materials Science and Engineering.