Minor in Chinese Studies

Since the opening up of China to the outside world in 1979, China’s international presence has become very prominent. For the Philippines, centuries-old cultural, economic and political ties with China have increased many times over. This development has aroused much interest in learning about China. Knowledge of China—its history, culture, people and language, as well as its political and economic systems—will help the Philippines in strengthening its ties with China, a close neighbor fast becoming a superpower. The Minor in Chinese Studies offers students keys to the opportunities unleashed by China’s economic growth through instruction and courses on Chinese history, politics, economics, society, and culture. It opens graduates to wider options particularly in business, foreign service, and research.


  1. To equip students with Chinese language skills.
  2. To provide students with a holistic and critical appreciation of China
  3. To provide students with tools for engaging China on different levels and areas.
  4. To prepare students for further work in Chinese Studies, whether it be language or disciplinal.

Course Requirements

Two (2) Chinese Mandarin courses 6 units
Chinese Studies electives 9 units

Eligibility and Application

The Minor in Chinese Studies is open to any Loyola Schools undergraduate students except those pursuing AB Chinese Studies, and students with double-major/degree status in the Chinese Studies Program (CSP).

Students interested in pursuing the Minor need to fill out a Minor in Chinese Studies application form and file a load revision form to be endorsed by the department chair of their home department and approved by the program director of CSP. Graduating seniors who wish to be admitted into the program must apply in the first semester of their senior year.

A certificate is awarded to students who have successfully completed the required Chinese Studies courses. The student’s transcript of records indicate the Minor in Chinese Studies in addition to his/her major field of concentration.

Chinese Mandarin and Language Courses

courses and electives updated as of October 2015

Chinese Mandarin courses
CHN 1 Chinese Mandarin and Culture 1
CHN 2 Chinese Mandarin and Culture 2
CHN 3 Intermediate Chinese 1
CHN 4 Intermediate Chinese 2
CHN 5 Intermediate Chinese 3
CHN 6 Practical Chinese for Business
CHN 7 Classical Chinese
Other Chinese Language courses
CHN 8 Hokkien 1
CHN 9 Hokkien 2
Chinese Studies Electives
CHN 10 History of China
CHN 10.3 History of Modern China
CHN 20 Modern Chinese Economy
CHN 21 Government and Politics of China
CHN 22 China's Foreign Policy
CHN 23 China-Japan Relations
CHN 24 Introduction to Chinese Society
CHN 25 Food and Chinese Culture
CHN 26 Contemporary History of Conflicts in East Asia
CHN 26.1 Chinese Diaspora in Southeast Asia: History, Culture, and Identity
CHN 30 Chinese Philosophy
CHN 31 Modern Chinese Philosophy
CHN 33 Chinese Philosophy in Chinese
CHN 35 Introduction to Chinese Literature
CHN 40 Doing Business in China
CHN 45 History and Culture in Chinese Films
CHN 46 Mass Media in China
CHN 47 Cross-cultural Communication in a Chinese Context
CHN 50 Traditional Chinese Medicine
CHN 50.1 Mind-Body Health in Chinese Medicine
CHN 51 Gender and Sexuality in Chinese Medicine
CHN 52 Science and Technology in China
CHN 60 Chinese Painting
CHN 60.1 Basic Chinese Calligraphy
CHN 61 Chinese Art and Society
CHN 62 Chinese Landscape Painting
CHN 70 The Ethnic Chinese in Philippine Life
CHN 99 Research Methods
CHN 100 Research in Chinese Studies