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      Ateneo Association of Communication Majors (ACOMM)      


The Ateneo Association of Communication Majors (ACOMM) is a passion-driven organization with a multi-disciplinary approach that forms socially responsible communicators. Essentially, we aim to use all the fields of communication to instill awareness, concern and responsibility among our fellow Filipinos. 

To serve as agents in providing opportunities for Ateneo Communication Majors to develop and strengthen their knowledge, capabilities, talents and values in preparation for their future careers.


The Ateneo Association of Communication Majors (ACOMM) is the home organization of Communication majors in the Ateneo.

The Ateneo Association of Communication Majors (ACOMM) is the brainchild of a small barkada of Communication majors who had a vision of enhancing the skills of Ateneo Comm majors and to utilize these skills for efforts beyond the Loyola Schools. Little did they know that this idea they hatched in 2002, of providing service to those who need it most, would be actualized.

From that small barkada, ACOMM has since expanded to over 250 members. And as the passion-driven home organization of all Communication majors in the Ateneo, ACOMM aims to form socially responsible communicators with a multidisciplinary approach (using the four tracks: Journalism, Advertising & Public Relations, Production & Media Studies).

Now on its eleventh year, ACOMM is still all about creativity for a cause and social awareness through media literacy.

General Information
President: Julienne Joven
Secretary-General: Camila Benipayo
Vice Presidents:
Eunice Dauz - Corporate Communications
Chessy Luna - Documentation & Publications
Janine Guzman - Finance
Sam Lichauco - Human Resources
Daphne General - Projects