Course Offerings: Intersession 2021

Course Offerings
INTERSESSION, S.Y. 2021-2022

Section A: Dr. Rosette Gilda C. Librea 
/ Daily, 1230-200pm / ONLINE
Section B: Dr. Rosette Gilda C. Librea / Daily, 330-500pm / ONLINE
» The course introduces the inextricable link between human rights and development, both in theory and practice, with emphasis on state’s obligations on core compliance and progressive realization and people’s duties and responsibilities. It highlights the three (3) generations of human rights and their normative standards, and implications on issues relating to trade and investments, foreign aid or development assistance, poverty alleviation and environment protection. It examines contemporary challenges of the Right to Development (RTD) over its 30 years of implementation, and ways of progressively realizing it, together with the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
NOTE: Interdisciplinary Elective. Credited as Development Management, Health & Development, Humanitarian Action and Development & the Law Elective.

DEV 189.83i - SURVEY OF PUBLIC HEALTH INTERVENTIONS (3 units)             
Section A: Anna Mae D. Bautista / Daily, 200-330pm / ONLINE
Section B: Anna Mae D. Bautista / Daily, 330-500pm / ONLINE
» An unprecedented interest in public health policy and practice has expanded public health – initially limited to sanitation reform and infectious disease control –to intersect with disciplines relating to economics, communication, and the law. Interventions such as conditional cash transfers, social health insurance, taxation on tobacco, alcohol, and sugar-sweetened beverages, graphic health warnings have been widely implemented not just in the Philippines but in many developing countries as well. This course aims to deepen students’ understanding of these public health interventions, their effectiveness, and critique their design and practice.
NOTE: Interdisciplinary Elective. Required subject for the minor in Health & Development. Credited as Urban & Regional Development and Development and the Law Elective.

Section A: Dr. Mark Anthony D. Abenir / Tutorial / ONLINE
Section B: Dr. Mark Anthony D. Abenir / Tutorial / ONLINE
» This course provides students the opportunity to participate in development interventions and apply what has been learned in class to development situations. At the end of the practicum, the student articulates the underlying development definition and strategy that motivates the agency to which s/he was assigned and assesses the experience and the agency.
NOTE: Practicum Class

Mary Grace P. Santos / Tutorial / ONLINE
» This research course requires students to undertake a critical review of articles and examine the methodologies used in testing hypotheses within a particular field of study.  The required output of the course is equivalent to a thesis proposal.    
NOTE: Thesis Class

DS 150 A - FIELD SPECIALIZATION                                                                                      
Marcia Czarina Corazon M. Medina-Guce / Tutorial / ONLINE
» This is a synthesis of the course taken for the AB Development Studies degree program. Students are expected to complete a thesis or a project. This course provides students with an opportunity to apply the lessons they have learned from the AB Development Studies program.    
NOTE: Thesis Class. Pre-requisite: DS 165.35