Enverga, Manuel R. III

Full Time

Manuel Enverga III is a faculty member of the European Studies Program of the Ateneo de Manila University. His research interests focus on either Diplomacy and Regionalism, on the one hand, or Leisure and Popular Culture, on the other hand. 

Areas of Specialization: 

Regionalism and Culture, Diplomacy, Leisure and Popular Culture

Professional Association & Recognition: 

Ph.D. (Cand.) Social Sciences
Leicester University
MA Global Politics
Ateneo de Manila University
AB European Studies, Honorable Mention
Ateneo de Manila University

Courses Taught: 

EU 22 Policies and Institutions of the European Union
EU 32  Integrating Class
EU 142 Perspectives on European Cultural Production
EU 145 Europe, Globalization and Popular Culture
EU 152 European Political and Social Integration
EU 160 Research Methods
EU 160.1 Practice of Empirical Research
EU 161 Research on Europe
EU 171 European Diplomatic Practice

Research Interest: 

Regional Identity Construction and EU-Philippine Relations

Creative Work: 

Enverga, Manuel III (2019).  Meme-ing Europe: Examining the Europeanization of Humorous Discourse in an Online Meme Community. Journal of Contemporary European Studies, 27 (3), 317-342. https://doi.org/10.1080/14782804.2019.1624510.

Enverga, Manuel III & Maria Ysabel A. Tangco (2017). Cine Europa: Behind the Scenes of a Collaborative Cultural Diplomacy Initiative in the Philippines. International Journal of Cultural Policy, 24(6), 826-839, https://doi.org/10.1080/10286632.2017.1420790.  

Enverga, Manuel III (2012). Mapping Leisure in the Philippines. In Modi, I. and Kamphorst, T. (eds.) Mapping Leisure and Life through the Ages. Manuscript submitted for publication.
Enverga, Manuel III (2012). The Community Metaphor in ASEAN Discourse and its Influence on Economic Integration. AGSB Occasional Paper 5.
Enverga, Manuel III (2011). Magina’s Two Blades: The Dual Nature of Discourse in the Game Chat of Philippine DOTA Players. Philippine Sociological Review 59.

Salvador, Alma O., Manuel Enverga III, and Leslie A. Lopez (2009). Orientalism Reversed : Images and Perceptions of the EU in the Philippines. In Chaban, N., Holland, M., and Ryan, P. (eds.). The EU Through the Eyes of Asia Volume II: New Cases, New Findings. New York: World Scientific.
Enverga, Manuel (2008). Book Review: Young Citizens in the Digital Age: Political Engagement, Young People and New Media by Brian Loader. Philippine Sociological Review 56.
Enverga, Manuel (2008). The Challenge of Globalization, European Union Regional Integration and its Implications on Human Rights. Loyola Schools Review: Social Sciences 7.

University Service and Outreach: 

His outreach work includes giving talks on diplomacy and cross-cultural communication to various organizations, such as the Foreign Service Institute of the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs and the University for Peace. He has also been asked to share expertise on European politics and popular culture in both print media and television programs. 

Ph.D. (Cand.) Social Sciences, Leicester University M.A Global Politics, Ateneo de Manila University