Tomintz, Harald Eustachius A.

Full Time
Administrative Position: 


Mr. Tomintz lives up to his international background. An Austrian citizen born in the Philippines, he can speak, read and write in fluent English, Filipino and German, and possesses a basic working knowledge of other European languages, including Spanish and French. After graduating from the Ateneo de Manila University in 2011, he spent three years in Europe, where he travelled to different countries and took up master studies at the Management Center Innsbruck in Austria, and afterwards fulfilled mandatory military service in the Austrian Armed Forces. Mr. Tomintz is currently a part-time lecturer at the European Studies Program and a full-time Student Affairs Professional at the Office for Social Concern and Involvement of the Ateneo de Manila University.

Areas of Specialization: 

International Business and Business-Related Law, International
Relations and Intercultural Studies, German Studies, Corporate
Social Responsibility

Research Interest: 

Sustainable business initiatives in Asia and Europe, intercultural and multicultural identity and diversity, EU-ASEAN integration


Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives of European companies in the Philippines and South-East Asia

MA International Business and Law (With Distinction), Management Center Innsbruck, Austria AB European Studies, Cum Laude