About - SOSS Psychology

The Department of Psychology of the Ateneo de Manila University is one of the oldest and pioneering Psychology departments in the Philippines, with a 50-year academic tradition of forming and training the country's future psychologists.   It was founded in 1960 when the then Department of Psychology and Guidance of the Ateneo was split into the Department of Psychology, chaired by Fr. Jaime C. Bulatao, S.J., and the Department of Education and Guidance, headed by Dr. Carmen Diaz-Tanedo.

Our Vision

The Ateneo de Manila Department of Psychology aims to be a leading institution of Psychology in Asia with strong and vibrant programs that develops exemplary psychologists, creates cutting-edge relevant knowledge, and engages in responsive interventions that lead to personal and social transformation.

Our Mission

Our goals is to train students in Psychology as a social science and help them become skilled in the scientific method of observing, analyzing, and understanding individuals and groups in order to become competent psychologists for others. Specifically, we wish our graduates to have the following competencies:

  •          Knowledge and skills in Psychology
  •          Critical thinking
  •          Ethical behavior
  •          Independent and continuous learning
  •          Cultural intelligence & sensitivity to diverse contexts
  •          Interpersonal and Collaboration Skills
  •          Research Excellence 
  •          Leadership and Innovation
  •          Professional for Others
  •          Personal Mastery