Jocson, Maria Rosanne M.

Full Time
Administrative Position: 

Assistant Professor, Psychology

Contact No.: 
426-6001 local 5260-62
BS Psychology, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Magna Cum Laude
MA Developmental Psychology, Ateneo de Manila University
MS Psychology, University of Michigan
PhD Psychology, University of Michigan
Faculty Position: 
Assistant Professor
Courses Taught: 

Quantitative Methods 
Infancy and Childhood
Socioemotional Development


Recent Publications

Lachman, J. M., Alampay, L. P., Jocson, R. M., Alinea, C., Madrid, B., Ward, C., Hutchings, J., Mamauag, B. L., Garilao, M. A. V. F. V., & Gardner, F. (2021). Effectiveness of a parenting programme to reduce violence in a cash transfer system in the Philippines: RCT with follow-up. The Lancet Regional Health - Western Pacific, 17, Article 100279.

Jocson, R. M., Alers-Rojas, F., Ceballo, R., & Cranford, J. A. (2021). Examining Mothers’ Exposure to Community Violence: How Does it Influence Young Adolescents? Child & Youth Care Forum.

Hechanova, M. R., Alianan, Jr, A. S., Jocson, R. M., & Villasanta, A. P. (2021). Online resilience support groups during the COVID-19 pandemic: The Philippine experience. Mental Health and Social Inclusion.

Ceballo, R., Cranford, J. A., Alers-Rojas, F., Jocson, R. M., & Kennedy, T. M. (2021). What happens after school? Linking Latino adolescents’ activities and exposure to community violence. Journal of Youth and Adolescence, 50(10), 2007–2020.

Jocson, R. M. (2021). A dyadic analysis of depressive symptoms, harsh parenting, and rejection in Filipino mothers and fathers. Family Process, 60(2), 556–569.

Jocson, R. M., & Garcia, A. S. (2021). Religiosity and spirituality among Filipino mothers and fathers: Relations to psychological well-being and parenting. Journal of Family Psychology, 35(6), 801–810.

Alers-Rojas, F., Jocson, R. M., Cranford, J., & Ceballo, R. (2020). Latina mothers’ awareness of their children’s exposure to community violence. Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Sciences, 42(3), 324–343.

Calleja, M. T., Jocson, R. M., Acosta, A. C., Ocampo, M. T. W., Bertulfo, D. J. M., & Hechanova, M. R. M. (2020). Examining the impact of community-based behavioral drug treatment: A case study from the Philippines. The Journal of Behavioral Science, 15(2), 1-15.

Jocson, R. M., Alers-Rojas, F., Ceballo, R., & Arkin, M. (2020). Religion and spirituality: Benefits for Latino adolescents exposed to community violence. Youth & Society, 52(3), 349–376.

Jocson, R. M. (2020). Filipino fathers’ parenting in the context of household and neighborhood risk: Familism as a protective factor. Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology, 26(4), 472–482.

Jocson, R. M., & Ceballo, R. (2020). Resilience in low-income Filipino mothers exposed to community violence: Religiosity and familism as protective factors. Psychology of Violence, 10(1), 8–17.

McLoyd, V. C., Hardaway, C. R., & Jocson, R. M. (2019). African American parenting. In M. H. Bornstein (Ed.), Handbook of Parenting: Social conditions and applied parenting (3rd ed., Vol. 4, pp. 57-107). Routledge.

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