Research & Publications


Crafting Anthropological Traditions in the Philippines

By Canuday, Jose Jowel P. , Porio, Emma E.

First draft of paper completed in October 2014 and a final draft was submitted on 21 September 2015 as a chapter of the book tentatively titled as...


“Shabu is different”: Extrajudicial killings, death penalty, and ‘methamphetamine exceptionalism’ in the Philippines


Author:  GideonLasco & Vincen Gregory Yu Abstract Background This paper articulates and problematises the ‘...


Subjective Well-Being Approach to Valuing Unemployment: Direct and Indirect Cost

By Beja, Edsel L., Jr.

Published at the International Journal of Community Well-Being volume 3, pages 277-287 (2020)  ABSTRACT The study presents a subjective...

The Problem-Solving Mode: Social Scientists Back Home and the Limits of Critique. Social Transformations

By Saloma-Akpedonu, Czarina

The Problem-Solving Mode: Social Scientists Back Home and the Limits of Critique Abstract Abundant debates on the problematic positioning of...

Governing the “Golden Age of Infrastructure”: Assessing Transparency Innovations in Philippine Infrastructure Development

By Cruz, Jerome Patrick D.R.

Published at Asian Politics & Policy, 12 (2): 175-204, April 2020 ABSTRACT  Amidst rising infrastructure investment across the Asia‐...

Green public spaces in the cities of South and Southeast Asia. Protecting needs towards sustainable well-being

By Alfiler, Cherie Audrey, D.

Sahakian, M., Anantharaman, M., Di Giulio, A., Saloma, C. Zhang, D., Khanna, R., Narasimalu, S., Favis, A. M., Alfiler, C. A., Narayanan, S., Gao...