Fuentes, Riczar

Part Time

Ph.D. (Dr. rer. nat.) in Archaeological Sciences, Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen

Areas of Specialization: 

Use-wear analysis, stone tool analysis, prehistoric archaeology

Courses Taught: 

Undergraduate Courses:
SOCSC12 The Contemporary World

Research Interest: 

Prehistoric migrations of anatomically modern humans through Southeast Asia

Year Title Authors
2020 Stuck within notches: Direct evidence of plant processing during the last glacial maximum to Holocene in North Sulawesi
Fuentes, R., Ono, R., Carlos, J., Kerfant, C., Miranda, T., Aziz, N., Sofian, H.O. and Pawlik, A.
2020 Not formal but functional: Traceology and the Lithic Record in the Philippines Fuentes, R., and Pawlik, A.
2020 Island migration and foraging behaviour by anatomically modern humans during the late Pleistocene to Holocene in Wallacea: New evidence from Central Sulawesi, Indonesia Ono, R., Fuentes, R., Pawlik, A., Sofian, H.O., Aziz, N., Alamsyah, N. and Yoneda, M.
2020 Island Migration, Resource Use, and Lithic Technology by Anatomically Modern Humans in Wallacea Ono, R.,  Pawlik, A., and Fuentes, R.
2019 Technological and behavioural complexity in expedient industries: the importance of use-wear analysis for understanding flake assemblages Fuentes, R., Ono R., Nakajima, N., Nishizawa, H., Siswanto, J., Aziz, N., Sriwigati, Sofian, H.O., Miranda, T., and Pawlik, A.F.
2019 Early to Mid-Holocene Burial Traditions of Island Southeast Asia and a 5th millennium BP flexed inhumation from Bubog-1, Ilin Island, Mindoro Occidental Pawlik, A., Crozier, R., Fuentes, R., Wood, R. and Piper, P.