The Social Impacts of Tropical Storm Ondoy and Typhoon Pepeng: The recovery of communities in Metro Manila and Luzon

Abstract from the World Bank: The Social Impacts Monitoring (SIM) study provides an overview of the long term social impacts of typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng, which hit the Philippines in 2009. It builds on the initial analysis of the social impacts on affected communities carried out in the immediate aftermath of the disasters. Data was collected in a total of 21 sites in four cities in Metro Manila and nine provinces in Luzon. In addition to the qualitative analysis carried out in nineteen sites (nine urban and ten rural areas), a short survey was conducted in two additional communities (Eusebio Bliss and Southville 5A). This enabled the research team to collect information on the living conditions of communities resettled post Ondoy/Pepeng. The data obtained enabled the team to compare the outcomes of in-city (Eusebio Bliss) and off-city (Southville 5A) resettlement.