First Year College Admission: International Applicants


You are considered an international applicant if you are studying in, or graduated from, a school outside the Philippines.

You are considered a first-year (freshman) applicant if you are still in the last year of senior high school.

If you have already graduated from senior high school, you will be considered a first-year applicant if you have not yet taken any college or university units/courses before and/or during the application period.

In general, the application process for applicants from outside the Philippines is similar to local applicants, with additional requirements.

The application fee is Php 2,500.

If accepted, international students must inquire from the Philippine Embassy/Consulate of the country of origin for student visa requirements and processing.

All accepted international students are required to take three (3) courses in the National Language - Filipino as part of the Ateneo de Manila curriculum.

To support the internationalization initiatives of the Loyola Schools, an international student fee will be collected from non-Philippine passport holders (both resident and non-resident).