First Year College Admission: Local Applicants


For the incoming first year batch for School Year 2022-23, all applications will be submitted online.

All application pathways will start at the Ateneo College Application Hub,

Before starting your application, review your degree program and scholarship options carefully. Prepare all the required supporting documents beforehand.

Application Form and Documentary Requirements

For applicants from within the Philippines, apply via the portal.

Fill out the appropriate application form and upload your supporting documents. Each application route/portal contains more detailed information on the application process.

Required Supporting Documents

  • Payment slip / deposit slip as proof of payment of application fee (see “Application Fee Payment” below)
  • Personal essay
  • High School Record Form and Principal’s Recommendation Form
  • Guidance Counselor / Class Adviser’s Recommendation Form
  • Teacher’s Recommendation Form
  • Scholarship/Financial Aid Questionnaire, if applicable
  • Additional documentation, if applicable (ex. IB grades, SAT results, or NCAE results; scholarship application supporting documents)

Data privacy

To proceed with the application, you will be asked to agree to the Privacy Policy for Applicants, Students, and Alumni. To read more about our privacy policy, visit

Application Fee Payment

Pay the application fee: Php 600 for applicants studying in schools in the Philippines, or Php 2,500 for applicants from schools outside the Philippines.

Applicants from public or science high schools in the Philippines are exempted from paying the application and testing fees.

Applicants from private high schools in the Philippines, who are financially unable to pay the application fee, and belong to the top 10 students of the graduating class, are exempted from paying the application fee upon submission of a certification from the school.

There are various methods of payment available; choose the most convenient method for you. Once payment is made, please save your proof of payment (payment slip/email/receipt) as it is part of the requirements for application.

More about Application Fee Payment

Scholarship Application

If applying for a scholarship or financial aid, fill out and submit the Scholarship/Financial Aid Questionnaire and the required supporting documents.

Details of the application process, links to the online forms, and the list of required supporting documents can be found at the Scholarship Applications SY 2021-2022 page.

Visit for more information about scholarships and financial aid.

Completion and Submission of Application

Complete and submit your application on or before 1 December 2021. We encourage you to finish your application way before the deadline.


Application results will be released by April 2022, via email.