Ateneo Research and Creative Work Portfolio 2023

Mission- and Impact-Driven:
Research and Creative Work
at Ateneo de Manila University

Ateneo’s contribution to the advancement of human knowledge through innovation, inquiry, and insight is in line with the current challenges and demands of the Philippine economy, culture, and society, set in an emerging and transforming global context.

The Office of the Associate Dean for Research and Creative Work is pleased to present Ateneo's Research and Creative Work Portfolio 2023. It features scholars who embody our university's vision to be a force for good in seeking innovative and sustainable solutions to society’s most pressing challenges. 

Their research and creative work are anchored in Ateneo’s Lux In Domino 2021-2030 Strategic Priority Areas of Education Reform and Transformation, Integral Ecology, Universal Health and Well Being, and Bridging Cultural Divides.

Read the profiles below.

Education Reform and Transformation

Eos Trinidad

EOS TRINIDAD, instructor in the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies, believes that “education is Ateneo de Manila University’s strength, and that of all Jesuit institutions in general.” For him, leveraging this strength can bring about the possibility for societal, economic, and democratic advancement. 

CARLOS OPPUS, who is trained in physics and computer engineering, is among the co-founders of the Ateneo Innovation Center (AIC), which aims to bring innovative research done in laboratories to reality, contributing to community and society.

Carlos Oppus

Integral Ecology


DR. CHARLOTTE KENDRA GOTANGCO GONZALES is an associate professor at the Department of Environmental Science, and the current director of the Ateneo Institute of Sustainability (AIS). She is also part of the Human Environment and Dynamics research group of AIS. She specializes in the study of complex interactions between natural systems and human activity.

The Philippines is among the world’s most vulnerable countries to the climate crisis. To address this threat, PAUL CABACUNGAN and his colleagues at the Ateneo Innovation Center (AIC) have developed sustainable technologies that seek to empower their partner-communities.

Paul cabacungan

Universal Health and Well-being


REGINA HECHANOVA is among the leading psychologists in the Philippines today. Her research is invested in public mental health, which focuses on those who are distressed but may not necessarily need clinical intervention.


ANGEL DY is a medical doctor who specializes in autism and neurodevelopmental disorders. Given that research on autism in the Philippines is largely limited, much of Dy’s research was carried out with the aim of creating a larger pool of data on autism and neurodevelopmental disorders in the country. 


Bridging Cultural Divides

Tina Montiel

CRISTINA MONTIEL’S interest in political psychology began with her work as an activist during the Martial Law era in the 1970s and 1980s. This tumultuous time left her with many questions about the personal and collective mind  in relation to political engagement. Now Professor Emeritus, she has been with the Ateneo De Manila’s Department of Psychology for the last 45 years.

GLENDA ORIS, who teaches in the Kagawaran ng Filipino (Department of Filipino), is known for her work in the area of children’s literature, specifically picture books and historical fiction for young adults. Oris has won acclaim for her books from the Philippines’ top literature prizes such as the Palanca Awards and the National Children’s Book Awards.



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Robbin Dagle

Robbin Dagle, Miguel Arroyo, Royce Baes

Lay-out Artist
Krizzia Mei Esperanza

Joanne Cesario, Brian Sulipan, Aaron Vicencio/UMCO, Eos Trinidad, Glenda Oris

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