February 15, 2019
Ignacio Soriano, ABM Strand Coordinator

ABM-powered!” This was the theme that the ABM Strand Day followed last 28 January 2019 as its students showcased their various talents, fostered camaraderie, and celebrated all their successes and achievements for this school year. The day started with the reflection “Ateneo, Be eMpowered” that TJ Cruz of 12-Bobola and Benedict Guevara of 12-Beyzym shared to the whole ASHS community. Their reflection focused on the importance of learning how to manage failures and rise up to various challenges in their student life. The ABMovie Screening, featuring “Forest Gump” and “A Dream Preferred” immediately followed.  These movies demonstrate how the human spirit can triumph over extreme difficulties both in business and in life.  This activity culminated with students getting prizes for answering trivia questions about the films. During recess and for the rest of the day, each ABM Strand class presented its achievements through the ABM Open Exhibit. Afterwards, they had fun working together as a class to do all the challenges in the ABMazing Race at the Covered Courts. Furthermore, all contributed to have a sumptuous ABM Community Lunch. Finally, in the afternoon, they all enjoyed playing the ABM End Game: the Final Quiz Bee, which ABM strand faculty had meticulously prepared for them.  During this contest, they also presented their respective Coats of Arms to manifest their distinct qualities as a class. Between rounds in this contest, selected ABM students had the chance to display their various talents. The “Hataw Dance Group” performed their electrifying dance number, the “Beyzym Orig” band fired up the whole strand with their original compositions, and “Aaron and Friends” serenaded everyone with their heartfelt love songs.