ASHS mathletes Bernardo and Tang advance to higher level American Int’l Math Exam

March 09, 2021

Ateneo de Manila Senior High School mathletes Jimbo Bernardo (11-San Vitores) and Keean Tang (11-Torres) are among the 23 Filipino mathletes who joined the American Mathematics Competition (AMC) 12A division and who are still in the game after the Mathematical Association of America (MAA) declared them qualified to take the American Invitational Mathematical Examination (AIME) scheduled on March 10, 2021. They participated in the AMC 12A on February 5, 2021 and have been offered to take the AIME for their excellent performance.

The AIME is a 15 question, 3-hour examination. The answer to each item is an integer number between 0 to 999. The questions on the AIME are much difficult than those on the AMC 12. Top-scoring AIME participants are then invited to take the USAMO or USAJMO.