Chan, Cruz, & Tan win bronze for PH in Iranian Combinatorics Olympiad

September 22, 2021

Composed of Ateneo de Manila Senior High School students Enzo Chan (11-Tsuji), Evgeny Cruz (11-Mayer) and Cassidy Tan (11-Moscoso), Team CCT won a bronze award for the Philippines in the Advanced Level division of the 2nd Iranian Combinatorics Olympiad (ICO). Held online on July 31, the 2021 ICO marked the first time the organizers opened the contest to participants outside Iran. The ICO is a team contest for at most three students, where teams either had to solve 15 short answer combinatorics problems within two hours (Elementary Level) or seven full-solution combinatorics problems within five hours (Advanced and Free Levels). Around 1600 participants in the form of 800 teams from 27 countries participated in the Olympiad.