Peripeteia celebrates who and what Batch 2020 is (so far)

April 10, 2019
ASHS Prom Committee

Peripeteia was inspired by Disney’s “Tangled”

Peripeteia is a Greek word which literally means “sudden change.” This word perfectly describes the collective experiences of the individuals of Batch 2020 as they entered the Ateneo de Manila Senior High School last June 2018. This batch event inspired by the animated Disney movie, "Tangled," happened on the night of February 16, 2019 at the Ateneo De Manila High School Covered Courts.
Its success can be attributed to the Batch Project Committee whose heads, Adama Beatriz M. Capayas (11-Torres), Gabriel Wilfred P. Cabalce (11-Perez), Anne Margaret J. Hernandez (11-Hoyos), Jairus Ozara Zebulun C. Meer (11-Escribano), Mark Adrian A. Miralles (11-Torres) & Carlos Miguel P. Santana (11-Owen), and their respective members worked tirelessly to deliver the requirements, and attended meetings to make the prom truly a night to remember.The Grade 11 Batch Project Core Committee

It was a different but beautiful sight to see as students in the batch and their respective guests wore their formal attire. The handsome boys were dapper gentlemen in their tailored suits and leather shoes, some even willingly assisting their dates. The gorgeous ladies who were all made-up, presented themselves as elegant and lovely women wearing their long dresses and heels. As they entered the transformed covered courts decorated with gleaming lanterns, extravagant flower arrangements and twinkling lights, the atmosphere was filled with excitement and delight. A combination of familiar faces and new people to meet from different schools filled the court as the program started promptly.
An opening prayer was led by the Strand Vice Chairs namely Jinno del Rosario, Paolo Lukban, Kara Angan, and Josh Diano. They each highlighted their strand’s strengths and uniqueness. This was followed by the  opening remarks of Mrs. Dimalanta, who brightly greeted the ASHS Students and warmly welcomed their guests alongside with the hosts, Mr. Ian Pangilinan and Ms. Bea Arboleda. Amusing performances were given by MMXV, Any Name’s Okay, and Timmy Albert. During the dinner, numerous videos that exhibited the memorable moments of each strand throughout the school year were viewed by all.

Following this, students walked to the dance floor with their dates and batchmates as they jammed to the mellow tunes, fulfilling their high school prom experience. Moreover, various photobooths with themed backdrops were also available as students smiled and wackily posed with their dates, friends, and tablemates. Lastly, the batch also got to donate to the chosen beneficiary called “Liter of Light” as they shall provide light to different poor communities around the Philippines who have no access.
This year’s prom was a great experience of socialization, a tiring but fun time of preparation for everyone, and a celebration of who and what Batch 2020 is so far. As the school year comes to an end, we can say that the batch as individuals and as a whole, has done outstandingly well. We can’t help but be excited for what else is in store for our batch in its last and final year in Senior High. More sudden changes will happen soon but they will go through this together as a united batch, as unique strands, and as individuals who adhere to the values we have been taught. Despite all the uncertainty of what is to come, one thing will be sure, it is that those in Ateneo de Manila Senior High School Batch 2020 will strive hard to be a light to others, as they did during the night of their prom, Peripeteia.

The winners of the Peripeteia awards are as follows: Rapunzel & Eugene: Julia Lim & Enzo Ramos

Celestial Award (Male): Jairus Meer of 11 Escribano
Celestial Award (Female): Noelle Placer of 11-Borja
Hook Hand Thug Award: Miggy Mandanas of 11-Tsuji
Pascal Award (Male): Justice Ada of 11-Mayer
Pascal Award (Female): Julia Jopson of 11-Tsuji
Alles in Einem Award: Alexa Villareal of 11-Brebeuf
Corona’s Icon Award (Male): Carlos Santana of 11-Owen
Corona’s Icon Award (Female): Kristina Jao of 11-Torres

Stark Zussamen:
ABM: 11-Borja
GA: 11-Gonzaga
HUMSS: 11-Hurtado
STEM: 11-Realino

Mr. Stellarium Award: Nico Duque of 11-Brebeuf
Ms. Stellarium Award: Veda Zobala 
Eugene & Rapunzel of the night: Enzo Ramos & Julia Lim  
Sir Eleganz Award: Mr. Urbina, class moderator of 11-Realino
Madame Eleganz Award: Ms. Estolloso
Innovant Couple (ABM): Henrik Santos & Sabina Angeles of 11-Angelis
Polyvalent Couple(GA): Timothy Orda & Galatea Fajardo of 11-Goupil
Conscient Couple (HUMSS): Izak Letargo & Julia Aspe of 11-Hurtado
Analytique Couple (STEM): Koj Garcia & Erin Chan of 11-Tsuji

Prom Queen & King: Pilar Bonifacio & Gabe Ocampo  

The queen & king dance the night away.
Pilar Bonifacio & Gabe Ocampo, Queen & King of Peripeteia