Tambay posts highlight Sciences District Week

March 28, 2017
Paolo Oliva of M2017; Photos by Paolo Sulit of 11-Hoyos

The Sciences District of the Council of Student Organizations of the Senior High School had their district week last January 31-February 3 2017. The highlight of their district week was their Tambay posts wherein each org made a booth that describes their org, and they exhibited their booths the whole duration of the event. BOx, the Biological Organization, made a booth that encapsulates Biology as a whole. AECES-SHS, an electronics org, made several Arduino models or mini robots. ACC, a computer org, brought their computers in their booths to show basic programming to senior high students. Lastly, Math Org put some board games like card games and tangrams to showcase Math concepts in those games. Another activity that they did was the trivia of the day. Since there were only four days in their district week, one org was tasked to say their trivia of the day each day every recess.
This activity was made to make the students appreciate Science more because Science isn’t much recognized in the school as with other subjects. Also, another objective of this event is to entice more students in becoming more innovative and creative in the Sciences subject.