Welcome Remarks of ASHS Principal Ma. Victoria Dimalanta to students

June 25, 2018
Ma. Victoria P. Dimalanta

(These welcome remarks were delivered by ASHS Principal Ma. Victoria P. Dimalanta to the Grade 11 and Grade 12 students of the Ateneo Senior High School last June 13, 2018) 

A blessed morning, my dear Ateneans, sons and daughters of Ignatius.
This is your principal asking you one very serious question, which I need you to answer in your mind:  “Why are you here?”
You may have different reasons. But I hope it is very clear to you that you are here, first and foremost, for your education. Your job is to educate yourself. Education is your purpose and education is your personal responsibility.
We will teach you, train you, mold you, and help you reach your potential in a safe, caring, and high performing learning environment. We will be there for you, listen to you, and coach you. We will remove the obstacles that prevent you from succeeding.
But…it is you who will decide if you will do your work diligently or if you will just stand on the sidelines and watch or worse, let others do your work. It is you who will decide if you will cooperate with your teachers and classmates. It is youwho will control your negative emotions daily and remove distractions that will prevent you from doing what needs to be done. It is you who will choose what habits to stop, start and continue and if you will follow the school’s rules or not.
You hold the key to your own success. Win or lose, it is you who will choose and will be accountable for your choices.
If you are here for serious business as a student, then you need to practice professionalism. Do you know that in the world of work, professionalism is what companies and organizations always look for in their employees? So become professional students today to prepare for future work.
How should professional Ateneo Senior High School students behave? Let me count the ways.

  • Have an AMDG mindset. Practice Ignatian spirituality every day, in little and in big things. Let Magis unleash your greatness within by giving your all to achieve academic excellence. With the AMDG mindset, you’ll stand out as Ateneans who are good persons doing acts of goodness for the greater glory of God.
  • Be present. Show up and don’t miss any class, activity and event. Be proactive and participate. Be punctual each and every time. This shows you value other people’s time. And this is showing respect for others.
  • Be accountable. Deliver your commitments and the results expected of you on time or early. Homework is not an option. They are required so submit them and all reports and projects on or before the deadlines.
  • Be positive. Negative thinking is looked at as unprofessional. Cheerfully look for the good in people and in situations and people will want to be around you and work with you.
  • Be courteous. Never speak ill of others or engage in gossiping and backbiting. Be polite, honest, respectful, and gracious to everyone- the teachers, staff, custodians, cafeteria personnel, visitors, security guards, even to those who may not be able to help you meet your goals.
  • Be role models. In the Basic Education Unit family, you are the eldest and therefore, the Ates and the Kuyas of the Grade School and Junior High School boys. Bring Christ to them by showing them kindness and exhibiting good manners and right conduct.
  • Be responsible ambassadors of the school. As students wearing the uniform with the Ateneo seal, you represent the school inside and outside the campus. And so please make good choices everyday and continue bringing pride to our beloved school.
  • Be cooperative. As you know, we are taking the culture of the 5Cs to the next level this school year and we are doing the same with home-school collaboration.

On June 23, Saturday the school will conduct a Parents’ Day event where they will get to meet all your teachers in your respective classrooms. Right after that activity, I will be meeting all the parents who were not able to make it during the Parents’ Orientation at the Irwin Theatre last May. This will be the Principal’s Hour and this will be held here at the Covered Courts. Please inform your parents or guardians that attendance is a MUST. We will send out letters to announce this but tell them about to mark their calendar when you get home today.
We expect you to make it your personal responsibility to return the signed slips on time and to make sure your parents show up early or on time on June 23. My office and the Office of the Student Affairs and Formation will strictly monitor the returning of all the reply slips because this will clearly show your sense of responsibility and commitment.
As your principal, I promise you, our dear Senior High School students, a very competent, cooperative, friendly, and compassionate team that will  leave no stone unturned when it comes to taking care of you and in helping you become professional students and better persons for-and-with others. You are in good hands.
As for me, I am really excited to visit all the 44 sections in your classrooms. I want to meet you up-close and personal.
See you around and let another exciting Ignatian school year begin!
En Todo Amar y Servir – In everything, love and serve the Lord!