Who are eligible to apply?

1.    Male and female students who are part of their school’s Grade 10 batch at the time of application are eligible to apply.  Those who have completed Grade 10 may also apply as long as they not currently enrolled in Grade 11.
2.    Applicants must not have applied for Grade 11 in the Ateneo de Manila Senior High School prior to this application. An applicant may take the entrance test for Grade 11 only once.
3.    Only applications for Grade 11 will be accepted.  The Ateneo de Manila Senior High School does not accept transferees in Grade 12.
4.    No minimum grade is demanded of applicants. However, since grades and deportment are important criteria for acceptance, applicants with failing grades and poor deportment records have less likelihood of being accepted.
Applicants (for Grade 11) currently enrolled (in Grade 10) in schools outside the Philippines who are willing to fly to the Philippines to take the exam on October 5-6 may apply using the online platform.  Applicants enrolled abroad who will not be able to fly to the Philippines to take the regular exam on October 5-6 first have to call the Ateneo de Manila Senior High School Office of Admission and Scholarships before creating an account.