The Ateneo master’s degree programs in communication aim to form ethically grounded, socially oriented media practitioners and scholars in line with the communication apostolate of the Society of Jesus. They seek to mold future leaders in the field of communication who are trained in research or practice, depending on their focus.

M/MA Communication

If you want to pursue higher academic degrees, teach in the academe, or carry out communication research, then you can apply for admission to the Master of Arts in Communication (MA COMM) program. An MA COMM degree enables you to design research that contributes to public engagement, policy-making, and the creation of evidence-based interventions that respond to current issues, events, and needs. The program culminates in a thesis.
If you want to work in the communication industry or in communication-related fields, and are seeking to support your skills with training in research, then you can apply for admission to the Master in Communication (M COMM) program. With an M COMM degree, you can design research-based communication and media productions, be a leader in the communication profession, and engage in creating interventions to respond to current issues, events, and needs. The program culminates in an independent study project grounded in theory and research.

MA Journalism

This unique, two-year distance learning program for working journalists, educators, and members of allied media allows students to engage an international body of faculty and students to broaden their knowledge, develop an Asian perspective in their work, and hone competencies they need to excel in their professions.
The MA Journalism program is on hold until further notice.

Admission to Communication Graduate Programs

If you wish to apply to the Department of Communication’s graduate programs, please correspond directly with the Office of the Assistant Dean for Graduate Programs of the Loyola Schools, Ateneo de Manila University. The OADGP is in charge of all applications, and will send these applications to the Department of Communication. DO NOT SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION MATERIALS DIRECTLY TO THE DEPARTMENT.

An ideal graduate applicant should meet all the following requirements:

  • Have at least two years’ work experience in a communication-related field
  • Have a bachelor’s degree in communication or related fields, with coursework in communication theory and communication research
  • Have above average scores in Reading Comprehension, Language Use, and Verbal Analogies on the Ateneo Graduate Aptitude Test
  • Submit a focused graduate program application essay that shows the students’ goals aligning clearly with those of the department and the university. The students’ writing should be clear and free from grammatical and punctuational errors; it must be written in English; and it must contain their insights on their practice and professional work.

Students should meet ALL these criteria to be admitted and granted permanent status in the program. However, the department can recommend probationary status to:

  • Students whose undergraduate degrees are not in communication-related courses OR whose undergraduate degree in communication does not include work in theory and/or research.
  • Students whose written and/or oral skills do not meet the standards of the Department of Communication, but whose professional work shows promise and a grasp of the field.

Such applicants will be required to take undergraduate or remedial classes in English, Communication Theory, and/or Communication Seminar, depending on their individual case.