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Eugenio Lopez Jr Center for Multimedia Communication

The mission of the Eugenio Lopez Jr. Center for Multimedia Communication at Ateneo de Manila University is to help develop competent, creative, ethical, and globally competitive communicators in an age of media convergence.

Established in 2012, ELJ-CMC was born out of the partnership between the Department of Communication and the ABS-CBN Corporation. In forming students adept at multimedia communication and guided by Ignatian ideals of excellence and service, ELJ-CMC continues the legacy and life work of ABS-CBN founder, Eugenio Lopez Jr.

Through its personnel, multimedia facilities, and programs, ELJ-CMC provides the following types of assistance to different sectors of the academe and the profession:

The Center’s services help students acquire skills in multimedia communication, experience the production processes and workflows of a convergent media environment, and learn from the actual practices of media professionals in the field.

Communication and media educators learn about current issues, processes, and workflows of multimedia communication.

Communication professionals can acquaint themselves with the creative possibilities, competencies and ethical approaches required by 21st century multimedia technologies and practices.

ELJ-CMC provides the space and platform for students, educators, staff, and professionals to intersect, learn from one another, and create innovative multimedia projects. ELJ-CMC houses two student units, the Multimedia Information Resource Laboratory (MIR-Lab) and Magis Radio. These units can be commissioned to create content, but are also free to come up with their own programs, collaborations, and projects. The staff of MIR-Lab and Magis Radio are mentored by faculty, alumni, and industry leaders.

MIR-Lab is an undergraduate student team composed of talented individuals interested in pursuing careers in multimedia production, animation, graphic design, production design, and photography.

Magis Radio is a collection of undergraduate student teams composed of voice talents, radio personalities, sound designers, and sound engineers that produce podcasts and online radio programs.

Located on the third and fourth floors of the Social Sciences Building are ELJ-CMC’s TV studio, voice recording studio, music recording studio, radio booth, and editing bays respectively. These are all interconnected and can be managed with the control room, creating seamless, simultaneous, and immersive multimedia and digital productions. Specialized audio-visual production equipment such as lights, cameras, mics, and relevant accessories may be borrowed for student productions and may be rented for extra-curricular functions.

These facilities are prioritized for Communication majors but are also accessible to the general Ateneo community. The staff provide technical, audio-visual, and post-production support for its multimedia productions.
ELJ-CMC is open for collaboration in producing learning materials, designing digital content generation, and on-site productions. It relies on a network of distinguished alumni to mentor, direct, and teach specific and specialized communication production projects.
ELJ-CMC looks to inspire and create thought-provoking images, tell inspiring narratives, and share compelling ideas that draw from sciences and innovation, design and technology, arts and culture to the humanities and philosophy.