Minor in Japanese Studies


The Minor in Japanese Studies program is open to all Ateneo de Manila University Loyola Schools undergraduate students.


Course Requirements  (2004 guidelines for students assigned under the pre-2018 Curriculum)

(For students under the 2018 Curriculum, please standby for the revised guidelines for Minor or Specialization)

Japanese Language and Culture (FLC1 JSP) 3 units
JSP courses 15 units
Total 18 units

Students who have taken courses in other institutions, which are equivalent to courses under the Program, may have these credited upon the approval of the Director. Only up to a maximum of 9 units are allowed for accreditation.


Three to five courses are offered per semester. The courses which follow may be taken as Free Electives for all undergraduate students.

Language Courses
Japanese Language and Culture 1 FLC1 JSP
Japanese Language and Culture 2 FLC2 JSP
Japanese Language and Culture 3 FLC3 JSP
Intermediate Japanese 1 FLC4 JSP
Intermediate Japanese 2 FLC5 JSP
Intermediate Japanese 3 FLC6 JSP

Non-Language Courses
Japanese Culture 1 JSP 111 / SA 142
History of Japan's Foreign Relations JSP 120 / Ch 23
Philippines-Japan Relations JSP 121 / Pos 181.1
Government and Politics of Japan JSP 151 / Pos 196.2
Economic History of Modern Japan JSP 154 / Eco 185,38
Japanese Business Management and Labor JSP 156 / LS 173 X
Modernization of Japan JSP 160 / Pos 180.7
Intellectuals and Society in Japan JSP 162 / PH 176
Japanese Women JSP 171.2 / IS 133.2A
Japanese Literature JSP 171.4 / IS 142.7 / Lit 174
Japanese Arts JSP 171.5 / IS 124.3
Japanese Films JSP 171.6  / Com 115.10
Introduction to Japanese History JSP 171.7 / Hi 16.7
Japanese Performing Arts JSP 171.9 / FA 142.2
Modern Japanese Philosophy JSP 171.10 / PH 181
Fieldwork in Japan JSP 172
Education in Japan JSP 173
Japanese Food Culture JSP 174
Japan and ASEAN JSP 175


Applying for the Minor in Japanese Studies

  1. Download an Application for Minor/Specialization (AMS) from AISIS (http://aisis.ateneo.edu/).
  2. Fill out 2 copies of AMS and submit to the Japanese Studies Program office with
  3. After the AMS and MRF are signed by the JSP Director, secure the signatures of the following:
    • Chairperson/Director of home department; 
    • Director of OAA, if scholar;
    • the ADAA; and
    • the Registrar
  4. Return a copy of the AMS and the department’s copy of the MRF to JSP.
  5. Deadline of registration for Minor in Japanese Studies is two semesters before the student’s expected year of graduation.